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Fish Cakes

June 20, 2018

Fish Cakes

Deciding on our first range for Smart Infused Füd was really tough.  As parents we want to provide our children with the most nutritionally dense food without compromise.   

While children are in primary school their brains are developing at such speed and it is important to ensure that they are receiving nutrients that will support this.  Our first range is taking favourites, like chilli con carne and fishcakes and giving them an extra boost to encourage and help the cognitive development of kids.

10% of children have allergies and we wanted to provide food that would support their diets.  With this in mind we decided that gluten and dairy would be eliminated from our first range.   

We want to be transparent about what goes into our food, so that you can trust us and be comfortable serving your children our delicious meals.   Between us we have 10 primary age children and 2 toddlers, some with allergies, learning difficulties and broken homes.  And we want to support our children as much as we want to help yours have the most nutritionally dense food with no nasties.