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Gift Boxes for Parents.... new and old!

May 02, 2019

Gift Boxes for Parents.... new and old!


Gift boxes for new parents
Our Gift Boxes are perfect for parents..... whether they be new parents with older silblings, older families going through a tough time, or your own elderly parents that live far away from you, what better gift to give that 12 meals off cooking.

Did you know that the nutrient needs of the very young and the very elderly are the same.  As our registered Nutritional Therapist, Jo Saunders says "its like a bell curve, what your brain needs for a boost in your early years exactly mirrors what you need in older life to help with your memory.  It's exactly like the film Benjamin Button!"

What's more, we will gift you 10% off.

Each box contains 2 of each of our favourite frozen food range.  It will arrive safely wrapped in biodegradable wool, keeping it safely frozen with all the goods locked in for at least 12 hours.  What an amazing gift to come home to. - 12 days off cooking!

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