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Is it wrong to take my kids out of school to run our new business?

March 19, 2019

Is it wrong to take my kids out of school to run our new business?

Aaarrggghhhh!!!!  Why does it take me 2 hours to work out what my primary school age kids can work out in 20 minutes?

So, I have been in marketing for 20 years and created some of the most famous digital campaigns ever (Stella Artois Lost Souls, Cadbury Spots vs Stripes, Cadbury Gorilla).  Having worked with other entrepreneurs for the last 10 years on small start up businesses I thought I knew a thing or two.

But NO!  It takes my 8 or 11 year old about 20 minutes to learn to use the latest shopify feature, social post technique or create some artwork on Canva.  She can't explain it to me as that's too annoying. All such things we are currently working out if we can afford to bring a milenial/digital native in to support us with to allow us to focus on growing the business (and maintaining our other businesses, bringing up kids and running households etc)

And then my daughter comes home and announces she is bored at school and has been told to unlearn joined up handwriting and relearn print.  

It is well documented that our school system is still based on the victorian system, valuing maths and science over creative, collaborating and curation, even though it is also known that those subjects will be done by robots in the not to far future.  It is also known that whilst primary kids with gifts such as dyslexia are still not well catered for at school, they have oft gone on to form succesful businesses, as the time they were not sat in school being judged on their spellings they spent working out how the world really worked.

This left me wondering if it would be totally wrong to take my kids out of school now and pay them to do our blogs/vlogs/socials/processes whilst we could focus on doing their 1990s style home work and everyone would do better in life?

PS - if anybody does think this is wrong and has actually finished school/college and would like to help us with the above then please get in touch as I am drowning