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Nobody should ever swim alone

May 13, 2019

Nobody should ever swim alone

On #mentalhealthawareness week this week we have been focussing on kids mental well being as that’s what we (currently) focus on @smartinfusedfud.

However, on watching Louis Theroux’s documentary this week about new mothers mental health I am taken back to my own post natal depression after the birth of my first child nearly 12 years ago. Although it wasn’t called that then by many. My then husband said I was “mad” and “selfish” and “hopeless” and both my mother and mother in law rolled eyes at each other. I begged my husband not to leave the house in the morning and had to get friends to sit with me as I thought I was going to put my head through a window or worse, hurt my baby. Friends too looked bemused. One even suggested I take up Spanish to distract myself! 😂

I didn’t seek help because I thought something really was wrong with me. I became panicky about routines with sleep and feeding and anxious about leaving the house. I felt mad. I didn’t know who I was. I was frightened.

It has taken me many years to unpick what happened at that time. It was not until I felt the joy I expected after the birth of my second baby that I realised I was ill. The trust in my relationship and even myself was gone though.

So I just also wanted to shout out to all #newmothers out there and ask you not to swim alone. Please ask for help from friends, family, doctors. Good resources are @mindcharity @heads_together @headspace @mumsnet @babycentre @babydazebrighton @motherhood_ldn @helpfulpeeps 
And you can even email me at I will listen and help.