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Packaging perplexities and a thank you

April 01, 2019

Packaging perplexities and a thank you

I have been so excited about launching our new business that I think I am invincible!  However, last Friday it was shown that I am not.  I sent out a lot of orders, thankfully to close friends.  It was our second delivery batch, I wasn't involved in the first, which was successful.  I cut corners, to save costs - WOW, packaging is expensive, who knew!  

A bit about my personality: I jump in and work out how to do things later; I am really good at firefighting; I take things so personally to begin with; I learn quickly; I don't do what I expect others to do!; I let myself down more than I let others down.


  • You need 2 wool liners - all sides of the box need to be covered.
  • 2 ice packs are needed
  • We need the walk-in-freezer, so we can batch pack the boxes - not all at the same time.
  • The film on the tray isn't strong enough to have another sitting on top - thankfully our sleeves have now arrived
  • The boxes I had ordered are the size one of our competitors use (same company, same everything), however, our product is smaller!
  • 8 meals come in the larger boxes, 6 meals in a smaller box.
  • Our friends want the best for us and have been so kind and helpful with feedback
  • Delivery is expensive - so far better to get it right, than rush a job.

I spent most of Friday in a fury with myself, for being so silly to not follow the process - that I had implemented for the first delivery.   However, I now know the consequences and will make sure that there is a reason for having check lists and that our deliveries will go out, well insulated and tidy.   

Nothing sloppy in delivery from us!