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Our Story

How we came to be

Smart Infused Fud is the brainchild of Hattie Mauleverer, a busy working mother who wanted to be confident there was always something in the freezer for her children. Hattie founded ‘Top Hat’ 18 years ago, a top end catering company for clients such as Jimmy Choo and Blenheim Palace.  So when she comes home, she 100% wants to be with her kids, playing or helping with homework, rather than behind the stove.  Fish fingers are good but too much of a compromise!

Hattie met Kerry on a female networking group. Kerry was most recently Marketing Director for Charlie Bigham’s and has 20 years’ experience in marketing food and drinks brands such as Cadbury, Nine Bar and AB Inbev. But she was tired of corporate life and compromise too.

Both clearly trying their best to juggle work, home and parent responsibilities (and the "mummy guilt" that comes with it, Kerry asked Hattie what she did with her chefs and kitchen when not catering for elite London events.  “I’ve actually started asking them to batch cook food for my kids so I know that whoever is looking after them has good food I trust in the freezer when I can’t be there or when I am there but would rather spend time with them than at the cooker”.  Kerry’s immediate response was “that is a brilliant idea, let’s make it happen!”, and Smart Infused Füd was born.

 The pair really wanted to ensure that the food they batch cooked was super-charged with goodness and so partnered with kid’s nutrition bloggers Jo Saunders and Georgie Soskin of “Cooking Them Healthy”.   Jo and Georgie have developed the recipes that Smart Infused Food wants to share with you to give you some guilt free family time back.

Smart Infused Füd is infused with nutrients from natural sources. It’s ingredients from supplier that have high levels of animal welfare and sustainability. The packaging is recyclable and made from 100% virgin fibres.


Developed by Nutritional Therapists.  Made by Parents.  Taste tested by Fussy Kids.


The Smart Infused Füd team have created a range of meals that are absolutely perfect for primary school age kids, with busy mums, who don’t want to compromise on taste or nutrition. Smart Infused Füd is where the best of convince and nature meets the best of food science. All of the meals contain 5 different vegetables to cover the vitamin groups, but are also enriched with minerals such as Iron, Magnesium and Omega 3, which help with proper neurological development in young children.


The Team

hattie mauleverer

Hattie Mauleverer

Hattie trained at Tante Marie Culinary Academy, before, initially, working as a chalet girl in Meribel. She was then selected for a job in the city of London, but decided, in time, that this avenue wasn't for her. She then returned to the world of catering and worked for 3 of the top catering companies in London.  After building up her confidence and network, she set up on her and started cooking for her contacts privately and doing commercial catering for their companies. She set up TopHat in 2006 and very quickly had to step away from the kitchen and assume an executive role to manage events as the business grew. As Hattie’s family also grew, she took a  step back from running events and started managing the team instead. Being so busy, it made sense to ask her chefs, between events, to help her out by making food for her children.  Thus the seed of the idea for Smart Infused Füd was born.


georgie soskin

Georgie Soskin

Georgie has been a senior teacher at Leiths School of Food and Wine for well over a decade. She has also run her own private catering company, travelled around the world to train chefs for the exclusive Relais & Chateaux Leti 360 in the Himalayas, done plenty of recipe testing, menu writing, food photography and styling, worked with high profile publications and written many a cooking course.
She is insanely passionate about food and is fascinated with the link between food and healing, so is often found in her kitchen brewing up all sort of delicious concoctions. Having grown up with a Chinese/ Malay stepmother she has a strong Asian influence in her cooking. This also comes from spending extended time out in Sri Lanka and India, coming home armed with new recipes and techniques. She is currently training to be a yoga teacher, and is married to a very long suffering (but well fed) and supportive husband.  They have 3 gorgeous children.


jo saunders

Jo Saunders

Jo has a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has always had a passion for food, healthy eating and the workings of the human body, and after working in London for several years mainly in broadcast media, she felt it was time to turn her love into a qualification and future career. After three years of studying, she gained her diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition at the renowned CNM in London and now has around five years clinical experience.
She feels strongly that better education is the key to a foundation of healthy eating, in the midst of so many conflicting messages and constantly changing research. Her aim is to use her up-to-date knowledge to guide and support, with the ultimate goal of optimising health and vitality. Jo has a particular interest in children's nutrition, women’s health issues and supporting mental health through nutrition. Jo is married with 3 young children.


kerry collingeKerry Collinge

Kerry has held senior marketing positions at blue-chip, brand-led FMCG businesses including Cadbury's, Charlie Bighams, AB Inbev and Carlsberg. She headed up the marketing and commercial plan for Cadbury's London 2012 sponsorship. She was instrumental in making that Gorilla drum joy into a new nation of chocolate chocolate lovers.
In the past 10 years she has been a corporate refugee. Tired of the way big business politics stamped on creativity and people's will to live, she determined to use her knowledge to make a big difference for Start Ups SMEs. Since then she has worked to help launch and grow brands including TrueStart Coffee, Peter's Yard, Nine Bar, Berwick Care and Alive Biome.