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How do I cook the meals?

All of our meals come with full cooking instructions.  We recommend cooking in an oven directly from frozen.

How many children will each portion serve?
Each portion is 250g and designed to be for 2 with accompaniments.  Every child's appetite changes with growth spurts, exercise and age.  We have recommended perfect complex carbohydrate accompaniments with each dish and these should be dialled up or down according to needs.

What is the minimum spend?

We don't have a minimum spend - but we do charge for delivery on orders under £36

When do you deliver?

We send out our meals on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  To find out more click here

My child has allergies; which dishes can they have?

All of our products are free from dairy and gluten.  Other specific allergies can be accommodated - do contact

Where do your ingredients come from?

We only use ethically sourced meat and sustainably sourced fish in all of our meals.  We have built up strong relationships with UK suppliers, so we can ensure the best ingredients for your children.  For more information about our suppliers, please do contact us.

Can I recycle the packaging?

All of our trays and sleeves are recyclable.  The pet layer, unfortunately is not, we are working on other solutions for this, that comply with health and safety regulations.

Why do you recommend oven cooking over microwaving?

Extensive research has been conducted on microwaving cooking and it is believed that microwaves zap nutrients and change the molecular structure of the food.  Also reducing the benefits of the vitamins and minerals in food.