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Gift Boxes - for young and old alike


New parents gift box Our gift boxes are perfect for new parents.... and old

For times when you can't get to your friends and family to make them a freezer full of food, let us send it to them from you instead.

"Such a lovely suprise to arrive home from hospital knowing I had at least 12 days where I didn't need to worry about big brother Tommy's food whilst I get used to new baby Eliza". Jo 29 West Sussex

Whlst our food is made specifically for brain boosting for kids, we have had lots of customers sending it to their own, older parents.  Nutritionally, the elderly need the same as young children to help keep their brains smart and they also love these ease of our nutrionally dense food.

Each box contains 2 each of our 6 favourite recipes and go straight from freezer to table (via the oven) in 35 minutes.

They will arrive to your loved one safely wrapped in our biodegrable wool, keeping it frozen for at least 24 hours if they are out with a gift message from you.

They are 100% natural and contain no nasties

Defrosted, the meals will keep safe in the fridge for 7 days.